Graphite electrode cargo sufficient.

Now that the Chinese Spring Festival of 2024 is approaching, our factory will speed up the preparation of goods before the Spring Festival.  Various models of 200-650mm diameter graphite electrode goods are sufficient, now there are 20,000 tons in stock.

HP250*1800 graphite electrode promotion, has been arranged to complete packaging, sent to Turkey, Indonesia and other countries.  The customer called to express their satisfaction with the speed and quality of our delivery.

HP250*1800 graphite electrodes, packed with nipples, 7 electrodes packed in a tray, 1 electrode with connector about 170kgs, 7 electrodes in a tray about 1220kgs.

We prepare the goods, load them into the motor truck, and ship them to the port of Tianjin, from which our graphite electrodes are sent to all parts of the world.

HP250 graphite electrode (5)-3
HP250 graphite electrode (5)-2
HP250 graphite electrode (5)-1
HP250 graphite electrode (5)

Post time: Jan-20-2024