RP 600 Ordinary power graphite electrode

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600mm diameter ordinary power graphite electrode,It can be applied in steel, power, aluminum and other industries.

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The main raw material of 600mm ordinary power graphite electrode body is high quality petroleum coke, low resistance, high electrical conductivity, strong chemical stability, high oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance. The 600mmRP graphite electrode produced by our company has high processing accuracy and good surface finish, which is mainly used for electric arc furnace steelmaking. The production process includes calcination, batching, kneading, molding, roasting, graphitization and processing. The raw materials of the nipple are needle coke and high quality petroleum coke, and the production process includes one dip and two calcination.



China Hexi Carbon Co., Ltd. is a graphite electrode manufacturing company which produces, sells, exports and provides a wide range of applications. Our ordinary power graphite electrodes are widely used in eAF steelmaking, ore heating furnaces for the production of ferroalloys, industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus, corundum and other melting furnaces that use electric arcs to generate high temperatures.

Comparison Technical Specification for RP Graphite Electrode 24"
Item Unit Supplier Spec
Typical Characteristics of Pole
Nominal Diameter mm 600
Max Diameter mm 613
Min Diameter mm 607
Nominal Length mm 2200-2700
Max Length mm 2300-2800
Min Length mm 2100-2600
Bulk Density g/cm3 1.55-1.63
transverse strength MPa ≥8.5
Young' Modulus GPa ≤9.3
Specific Resistance µΩm 7.5-8.5
Maximum current density KA/cm2 11-13
Current Carrying Capacity A 30000-36000
(C.T.E) 10-6℃ ≤2.4
ash content % ≤0.3
Typical Characteristics of Nipple (4TPI/3TPI) 
Bulk Density g/cm3 ≥1.74
transverse strength MPa ≥16.0
Young' Modulus GPa ≤13.0 
Specific Resistance µΩm 5.8-6.5
(C.T.E) 10-6℃ ≤2.0
ash content % ≤0.3

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