Graphite Products

  • high purity graphite rod(customized production)

    high purity graphite rod(customized production)

    The raw material of high purity graphite rod has large carbon content and small particle size than ordinary graphite rod, and the particle size is generally 20 nanometers to 100 nanometers. It is characterized by high strength, high density, high purity, fine particle size, high chemical stability, dense and uniform structure, high temperature conductivity, more wear-resistant than ordinary graphite rod, self-lubrication, easy processing and so on.

  • Graphite Crucible

    Graphite Crucible

    Hexi carbon mainly produces graphite electrodes. Besides graphite electrodes, we also produce some graphite products. The manufacturing process of these graphite products has the same process and quality inspection as graphite electrodes.

  • Chinese Graphite Block

    Chinese Graphite Block

    The production process of graphite block/graphite square is similar to that of graphite electrode, but it is not a by-product of graphite electrode. It is a square product of graphite electrode, which is made of graphite block material by crushing, sieving, batching, forming, cooling roasting, dipping and graphitization. 

  • Chinese Graphite Rod

    Chinese Graphite Rod

    Graphite rods produced by Hexi Carbon Company have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubricity and chemical stability. Graphite rods are easy to process and cheap, and can be used in various applications: machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, casting, nonferrous alloys, ceramics, semiconductors, medicine, environmental protection and so on.

  • Graphite Tile

    Graphite Tile

    Graphite tile is designed and reformed by Hexi Company for the defects of high cost and short service life of copper head electric tile in electric furnace.