Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode

  • Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode

    Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode

    The main raw materials of ultra- high power graphite electrodes body are import oil needle coke. The production process include crushing, screening, Dosing,kneading,forming, baking,impregnation, second time baking, graphitization and machining. The raw material of nipples is import oil needle coke, the production process include three times impregnation and four times baking.

  • 600 UHP graphite electrode

    600 UHP graphite electrode

    Applicable furnace: EAF
    Length: 2100mm/2400mm/2700mm
    Shipping Term: EXW/FOB/CIF
    Payment: T/T; L/C

  • UHP 550mm Graphite Electrode

    UHP 550mm Graphite Electrode

    Graphitization is a very important stage in UHP graphite electrode production. It refers to the high-temperature heat treatment process of carbon products above 2300 ℃ in a high-temperature electric furnace to convert amorphous chaotic layer structure carbon into a three-dimensional ordered graphite crystal structure.

  • UHP 500mm Graphite Electrode

    UHP 500mm Graphite Electrode

    Application: EAF or LF
    GradeUHP(Ultra High Power)
    Nipple Thread3TPI or 4TPI
    Raw Material: Needle Coke
    Delivery termEXW, FOB, CIF, DAP

  • UHP 450mm Graphite Electrode

    UHP 450mm Graphite Electrode

    Graphite electrodes play an important role in steelmaking industry, they are often used to melt the scrap in electric arc furnaces(abbreviated as EAF) . There are some key properties which determine the quality of electrode.

  • 400 UHP graphite electrode

    400 UHP graphite electrode

    Grade: Ultra High Power
    Applicable furnace: EAF
    Length: 1800mm/2100mm/2400mm
    Shipping Term: EXW/FOB/CIF

  • 300mm UHP Electrode

    300mm UHP Electrode

    UHP 300mm graphite electrode is our main product. This product selects high quality needle coke, through forming, roasting, macerating, graphitization and mechanical processing and made, as high quality conductive materials for the arc furnaces