450mm high power graphite electrod

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This is a 450mm diameter,  High power graphite electrode. China’s best quality graphite electrode.The graphite electrodes produced by our factory are of good quality, stable performance, low consumption, complete specifications, rapid delivery and good service.

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HP graphite electrode is mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke, It is capable of carrying the current density 18-25A/cm2. It is designed for high power electric arc furnace steel-making.

Comparison Technical Specification for HP Graphite Electrode 18″
Item Unit Supplier Spec
Typical Characteristics of Pole
Nominal Diameter mm 450
Max Diameter mm 460
Min Diameter mm 454
Nominal Length mm 1800-2400
Max Length mm 1900-2500
Min Length mm 1700-2300
Bulk Density g/cm3 1.68-1.73
transverse strength MPa ≥11.0
Young’ Modulus GPa ≤12.0
Specific Resistance µΩm 5.2-6.5
Maximum current density KA/cm2 15-24
Current Carrying Capacity A 25000-40000
(C.T.E) 10-6℃ ≤2.0
ash content % ≤0.2
Typical Characteristics of Nipple (4TPI/3TPI) 
Bulk Density g/cm3 1.78-1.83
transverse strength MPa ≥22.0
Young’ Modulus GPa ≤15.0 
Specific Resistance µΩm 3.5-4.5
(C.T.E) 10-6℃ ≤1.8
ash content % ≤0.2

Method of reducing electrode consumption

In recent years, with the vigorous development of China’s electric furnace steel industry, as well as the requirements for energy saving and consumption reduction experts and scholars at home and abroad conclude some effective approaches as follows:

1.Anti-oxidation mechanism of water spray graphite electrode

Through experimental research, spraying anti-oxidation solution on the surface of electrodes has proven much better in stop from side oxidation of the graphite electrode, and the anti-oxidation capacity is increased by 6-7 times. After using this method, the consumption of electrode has dropped to 1.9-2.2kg smelting a ton of steel.

2.Hollow electrode

In recent years, Western Europe and Sweden have begun to use hollow electrodes in the production of ferroalloy ore furnaces. Hollow electrodes, cylinder shape, are generally empty inside sealed with inert gas. Due to the hollowness, the baking conditions get improved and make the electrode strength higher. Generally speaking, it can save electrodes by 30%-40%, up to 50% at most.

3.DC arc furnace 

DC electric arc furnace is a new type of smelting electric arc furnace newly developed in the world in recent years. From the published data abroad, DC arc furnace is one of the most effective techniques to reduce electrode consumption. Generally, electrode consumption can be reduced by about 40% to 60%. According to reports, the graphite electrode consumption of large-scale DC ultra-high power electric furnace has been reduced to 1.6kg/t.

4.Electrode surface coating technology 

Electrode coating technology is a simple and effective technology to reduce electrode consumption, generally can reduce electrode consumption by about 20%. Commonly used electrode coating materials are aluminum and various ceramic materials, which have strong oxidation resistance at high temperatures and can effectively reduce the oxidation consumption of the electrode side surface. The method of electrode coating is mainly by spraying and grinding, and its process is simple and easy to use. It is the most commonly used method for protecting electrodes.

5.Impregnated electrode 

Dip electrodes in chemical solution to cause chemical interaction between the electrode surface and the agents to improve the electrode’s resistance to high-temperature oxidation. This kind of electrodes can reduce electrode consumption by about 10% to 15%.

450mm high power graphite electrod2

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