250HP graphite electrode

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The diameter is 250mm, the length is 1800mm high power graphite electrode can be processed according to customer requirements, mainly used in steel arc furnace steelmaking.

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The graphite electrode produced by Hebei Hexi Carbon Company is 250mm in diameter and 1800mm in length. It is calcined, crushed, screened, mixed, kneaded, formed, baked, impregnated and graphitized with high-quality petroleum coke, needle coke and coal pitch, and then machined according to customer requirements.

HP250 graphite electrode produced by Hexi Carbon Company has the characteristics of low resistivity, good electrical conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, low ash content, compact structure, good oxidation resistance, high mechanical strength, and is the best conductive material for electric arc furnace and smelting furnace.

All types of graphite electrodes produced by our factory can be machined according to customer requirements. The factory has a large number of RP,HP,UHP graphite electrode blanks. After receiving customer’s order size requirements, processing and packaging can be completed within ten days and sent to Tianjin Port.

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Comparison Technical Specification for HP Graphite Electrode 10″
Item Unit  Spec
Typical Characteristics of Pole
Nominal Diameter mm 250
Max Diameter mm 256
Min Diameter mm 251
Nominal Length mm 1600/1800
Max Length mm 1700/1900
Min Length mm 1500/1700
Bulk Density g/cm3 1.68-1.73
transverse strength MPa ≥11.0
Elastic Modulus GPa ≤12.0
Specific Resistance µΩm 5.2-6.5
Maximum current density A/cm2 17-27
Current Carrying Capacity A 8000-13000
(C.T.E) 10-6℃ ≤2.0
ash content % ≤0.2
Typical Characteristics of Nipple (4TPI/3TPI)
Bulk Density g/cm3 1.78-1.83
transverse strength MPa ≥20.0
Young’ Modulus GPa ≤15.0
Specific Resistance µΩm 3.5-4.5
(C.T.E) 10-6℃ ≤1.8
ash content % ≤0.2

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