Causes of electrode loss

Graphite electrode consumption and breakage is common in practice. What causes these? Here is the analysis for reference.

Factors Body Breakage Nipple Breakage Loosening Spalling Electtode Loss Oxidation Electorde   Consumption
Non-conductors   in charge          
Heavy scrap in   charge          
Transformer   overcapacity  
Three phase   imbalance    
Phase Rotation          
Excessive   Vibration        
  Clamper Pressure           
Roof electrode socket not align with electrode          
Cooling water sprayed on electrodes above roof            
Scrap   preheating            
Secondary   voltage too high    
Secondary   current too high  
Power too   low     
Oil   consumption too high        
Oxygen   Consumption too high        
long time   heating            
Electrode   dipping          
Dirty   connection part          
Poor maintenance for lift plugs and tightening tools          
Insufficient   connection          

◆ Stands for being good factors

△ Stands for being bad factors

Post time: May-17-2022